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Smartest Media is a digital agency in Saudi Arabia. Here, the best team of designers, digital architects, thought leaders, and strategists pushing the boundaries of digital interaction. We, as a creative agency, believe in reducing friction, connecting people, and providing delightful, rewarding experiences for our clients.

We believe design choices must be informed by function, not just aesthetics We don’t just build products, we build relationships as a full service agency.

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Meet the People Behind Smartest Media

Who we are

Elias Chaer

Head of Accounts & Owner

The plane is his second home :)

Mano Kalousdian

Head of Development

<style>.nojsv{visibility:visible}</style> Other than that, I am really breaking the Developer stereotype.

Rami Aassaf

Head of Technology

Avid technology expert. Infuriatingly humble internet ninja. Tv fan.

Tonie Eid

Head of Strategy

Reader, wanderer, caffeine junkie. Conscientious planetary citizen, in various states of contemplation.

Sarine Batouzian

Art Director

Nature Lover, Scout, guitarist

Rebecca Kassab

Head of Sales

Fashionista. Engineer. Digital Marketer. Fundamental Freethinker.

Jihane Tioutiou

Digital Director

Love to travel the world!

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