Twitter Officially Launches Option to Drag to Re-Order Attached Tweet Images

After it was spotted in testing back in July, Twitter has now officially launched the capacity for users to rearrange their attached tweet images via a simple drag and drop process.


It’s all about the details. Now you can rearrange your photos while writing a Tweet.

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As you can see, the process is fairly straight-forward - now, when you attach two or more images to your tweet, you'll be able to drag and rearrange how they'll look, saving you the minor headache of having to upload them in the order you'd prefer.

I say 'minor', but it is annoying. And while it is a simple addition, sometimes it's the simple ones that end up being the most useful, while the capacity to maintain more control over your tweet presentation is key for brands looking to maximize their performance.

Many Twitter users will be happy with the change - you can check it out yourself in the latest version of the app, which is being rolled out to users from today. 

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