Pinterest Releases New Insights on Rising Halloween Trends

Brands, particularly retailers, will also be putting the finishing touches on their Halloween campaigns - but if you're looking to stay on-trend, and maximize engagement during the event, these insights from Pinterest will help.

The platform has published a new Halloween insights guide, which highlights the latest, rising trends around Halloween, based on the last 12 months of data.  

According to Pinterest, the top Halloween costumes of 2019 thus far are:

Pinterest Halloween trends

But those trends tend to vary by state - here's a look at the latest trending costumes in each region, again based on Pin search trends (larger version):

Pinterest Halloween trends

Pinterest has also provided a world map of trending costumes, covering the regions that celebrate the event (larger version):

Pinterest Halloween trends global

Canadians sure do love pirates, huh?


Of course, many of these trends you would have likely been able to pick, but it's interesting to see what's trending where, and considering what that might mean for your marketing or product approach. They can also help you decide on what you're going to wear on the day. You don't want to go dressed in the same costume as everyone else, right?

Pinterest's full Halloween trends report includes more data on make-up trends, food, party ideas and more. You can check out Pinterest's full report here

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