Google Expands Outcome Based Buying and Automated Bidding to More Campaign Types

First off, on outcome-based bidding - up till now, Google has only enabled automated bidding on a CPM basis, meaning that campaigns where CPM is not your target outcome cannot utilize the option. In order to provide additional flexibility for more campaign types, Google is now adding outcome based buying to Display and Video 360 campaigns.

Google outcome bidding

As explained by Google:


"Outcome-based buying supports cost per click buying for campaigns that use either target cost per acquisition (CPA) or maximize conversions strategies. For example, if you’re an online retailer planning a back to school campaign with a $15 target CPA, you can have Display & Video 360 deliver conversions at or below $15. Or, if you want to make sure you spend all your budget, you can have Display & Video 360 generate as many conversions as possible within that budget at any CPA. In both cases, Display & Video 360 will optimize your bids to help get more of the actions you care about, and you'll only be charged for clicks."

The addition will provide more flexibility in your Google ad campaigns, and expand the capacity for brands to better reach their intended targets.

Google is also making its automated bidding option available to all non-guaranteed deals

"If the deal has a floor price, you will be able to have Display & Video 360 take that into consideration and ensure your ads are showing as planned."

Google automated bidding

The capacity will enable more advertisers to utilize Google's advanced machine learning to maximize their ad results, with automated tools now available for a broader set of Google ad types.

The benefits of such will be relative to how you use Google ads, and your experience in optimizing ad delivery specifics, but the changes could have see performance upgrades for those looking for ways to optimize their ad spend within specific targets.

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