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If your website design isn’t like this in 2017, you’re doomed

Since a website is your gateway to the online world, you need to design it to cater to the ever-changing social standards, or you’re doomed. You can do that while remaining unique, original and creative. All it takes is to keep your design simple, direct and easy to use. A clean-cut design to accord with your brand will instantaneously leave a good first impression on your visitors.

A headline is vital to your website. At first glance, visitors should be able to determine that they have come to the right place to find everything they are looking for. You will want to include a short description of what your company does or offers as sub-headline.
Sounds easy right? But the trick here is to be intriguing. You need to grab the attention and make visitors more curious. Having a BOSS copywriter helps here.

To keep people engaged and pave their way to buying your product, your website needs to include interesting content. The content should be able to influence people’s behavior with calls-to-action. Primary calls-to-action can encourage visitors to sign up to a newsletter, request information, or get freebies and discounts. The design of the calls-to-action varies depending on what you are offering, but it should aim at converting visitors into leads which, if you play it right, will lead to closing the deal.

Never miss an opportunity to showcase your company’s creativity with original supporting images, infographics, or an explainer video that will state exactly what you’re all about. We all know that visuals are more engaging than text, so try to show rather than say.

Speaking of “showing” and not “saying”, show-off your success to build credibility and trust. You can use expert or celebrity endorsement, user testimonials, press mentions, percentages, statistics, etc…

If your website is complicated to navigate through, users will be more likely to exit your page. The clearer your design is, the less your bounce rate will be. When your bounce rate is low, that means people are engaged with your website and find it useful.

So that your website looks the same in every device, it is important to have a responsive design. In addition, most people enter websites through their phones, so you’re gonna need to have a mobile version of your website as well.

If the heart of your company is its website, then the limbs of your company would be the logo, packaging, exhibitions, and other elements like printed flyers and brochures. With its various design services and experienced team, Greynab can be with you since the beginning of your design journey and incorporate the best strategies and tactics for your company. You don’t want any missing or unproportioned limbs!