Google Launches New Recorder App with Advanced Speech Recognition Capacity

This could be a significant help in your content creation efforts:


The new Recorder app uses speech recognition and AI to transcribe lectures, meetings, interviews and more—and makes them easy for you to find later. (English only right now, with more languages to come.)

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As part of the launch of its new Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL devices, Google has outlined its advanced speech recognition and translation capacity, which, if it works as advertised, could provide significant benefits in tracking relevant discussions, taking notes, and indeed, content creation.

Content creation is now an essential element for most businesses, but effective content takes time and effort to produce. Speech translation tools have been used in varying capacity by some creators for years, but these new advancements could take that to the next level, and provide even more ways for brands to utilize automated speech-to-text tools to quickly create written content.

How it works in practice remains to be seen - most speech-to-text options thus far have failed to live up to expectation, with outside noises, multiple speakers and other distractions putting the translation off-track. As noted in the above tweet, Google claims that its new Recorder can transcribe lectures, interviews and meetings, which means that it must have enhanced capacity to denote separate speakers, clarifying the audio streams.

There's no guarantee that it'll be able to address all the previous problems, but based on this initial launch promo, it does look promising.

Maybe something to keep in mind for your content efforts. 

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