7 Tools to Help Amplify Your Organic Content Reach

As you're no doubt aware, organic reach for social media content is declining, across pretty much all platforms. Facebook reach is down some 20% in 2017 alone, while Twitter and Instagram have both switched to more algorithm-defined feeds, which optimize for engagement, as opposed to pure connection.

The impetus for such measures makes sense - as Facebook's proven with their News Feed algorithm, show users more of what they like and they'll come back for more. The problem, from a marketing perspective, is that most of what users engage with is content from their friends, not from brands. This, again, makes sense, but the continued emphasis on engagement further squeezes the reach of brands - which means you need to either pay for ads, or think of new strategies.

And while the former is always an option, the latter is more challenging - and where this list might help. Here are seven tools which you can use to amplify the reach of your content and get your material in front of more users. You always need to utilize some level of targeting, of course - there's no point reaching just anyone to inflate your vanity metrics - but these tools all provide ways in which to get more eyeballs to your posts, and to reach targeted audiences.

Hopefully they'll help in your content efforts. 

1. BizSugar 

7 Tools to Help Amplify Your Organic Content Reach | Social Media Today

BizSugar is an online community that encourages entrepreneurs, small business owners and bloggers to share, curate and interact with each others content. 

You can use this community to expand your content reach and direct more traffic back to their websites. The best content (based on community votes) is featured on the homepage.

The community is also a great place for networking with other entrepreneurs, bloggers and small business owners. Find the right people and you can also create mutually beneficial strategies to increase content visibility and website traffic. 

2. DrumUp 

7 Tools to Help Amplify Your Organic Content Reach | Social Media Today

DrumUp is a multi-purpose social media and content marketing tool that has a bunch of features to increase content reach. 

You can store your evergreen posts in libraries and set it to auto-post or repeat schedules to increase visibility and page views. The tool also lets you promote content organically to other users via keyword based content curation to boost shares and views.

DrumUp also provides content suggestions with @mention and hashtag suggestions which can be scheduled to build maximize visibility and build important relationships online.

Additionally, DrumUp’s employee advocacy module is also worth looking at. 

3. LinkedIn Publishing

7 Tools to Help Amplify Your Organic Content Reach | Social Media Today

LinkedIn's publishing platform
 can be a great way to get noticed by not only your immediate network, but also their connections (your secondary connections). And if your connections are clients or partners, this strategy will prove even more effective. 

It’s best to publish original content on LinkedIn, with a title crafted specifically for the platform. Since the theme and tone of LinkedIn is very professional, some types of content (workplace psychology, productivity tips, recruitment hacks, etc.) are likely to perform much better than others.

Basically, it's not a good strategy to follow the same style sense and ideas that you'd use on Facebook - it's worth analyzing what's generating most buzz on LinkedIn Pulse to get an idea of what you should be publishing on the platform. 

4. PiktoChart 

7 Tools to Help Amplify Your Organic Content Reach | Social Media Today

Infographics are a hugely popular content format, and can be a great way to boost both reach and engagement.

Infographics are especially great as B2B marketing tools because they can get through to busy decision-makers. Showcase your message in a bold and compelling way to catch their attention.

Piktochart is a nifty infographic maker that stocks a wide range of pre-designed templates. You can choose from them and work with the user-friendly editor to quickly put together effective infographics.  

5. ViralContentBee

7 Tools to Help Amplify Your Organic Content Reach | Social Media Today

Fundamentally, a lot of social media sharing works on a quid pro quo basis. Many times, when you share other people’s content, they politely return the favor. ViralContentBee is a content sharing platform built on this premise. 

On the platform, you can create content projects to promote. Each time you share someone’s post, you are rewarded with share “credits” that make your projects eligible for sharing.

This is a neat solution to increase social media shares and visibility. 

6. Hashtagify 

7 Tools to Help Amplify Your Organic Content Reach | Social Media Today

Hashtag abuse has caused marketers to undermine the true impact of hashtagging. Use the most relevant combination of hashtags and you'll see an improvement in your tweets’ visibility - but the trick is to stick to one or two of the most relevant hashtags and not get carried away with them. 

Hashtagify allows users to measure the strength and presence of hashtags. It also provides users with lists of similar hashtags and of the top users tweeting them. 

7. Brand24 

7 Tools to Help Amplify Your Organic Content Reach | Social Media Today

There’s no better way to amplify content reach than to join in on the right conversations - it’s possible that the posts you've already written answer important questions that people are asking. To find them, you need a social media monitoring tool like Brand24

Set up alerts for keywords related to your niche, so you can catch and participate in conversations real-time. You can also set up keywords to catch important phrases that people might use when asking for help or recommendations, and you can get real-time alerts or weekly summaries, based on your preference. 

However you look at it, overall reach affects your social media success, and as such, it deserves your attention. The faster you begin working on expanding content reach, the better positioned you'll be when the organic reach of social media platforms plummets to an all time low. 

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